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Staying the course

It's October. The school year is in full swing, football season is halfway finished and Winter sports start soon. And there are still thousands of seniors that will play college sports despite having no offers and little interest at this point.

The college recruiting process doesn't have the timetable most of us would envision based solely on looking at Twitter.

Most schools -- especially those at lower levels -- are still adjusting their recruiting boards and most schools will end up signing players they've hardly noticed up to this point.

That being said, it's time to evaluate. Athletes, talk to the people you trust, knowledgeable people who will tell you the truth (Even if it's not what you want to hear).

Football players, if you aren't consistently playing at a high level in high school, schools probably aren't going to be all that interested, even with half a season to go. If you are, just keep working, market yourself on the side, and get your film out to coaches. Offers will come, just keep working.

But for many athletes, it's time to accept that no one's identity is in the sport they play. You are more than just an athlete and there is more to life than playing sports. Find some colleges that interest you for reasons other than the offense their team runs or the coaching staff you may or may not play under. Make plans to visit some schools, to learn about the programs they offer and the opportunities they can give you.

If you are completely set on playing your sport at the next level, see if they offer the opportunity to walk-on to the team. See if there are ways to be involved in the program without playing.

Start applying to schools! If you get a late offer, pursue that, but don't let hope stop you from proactively planning for your future, even if your first plan is to play college sports. Research junior colleges or community colleges or trade schools. Look for a job. Learn about the different application dates for prospective schools. Don't get caught watching and waiting.

God has a plan for every person, including student-athletes and non-student-athletes alike. Don't waste time.

Long story short, you can do two things at once. If you don't have an offer at this moment, it doesn't mean you won't get one, but it does mean you need to plan accordingly. Stay the course and work hard in everything (not just your sport) and good things will happen.

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