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SAT OR ACT? (FREE) - Students often find it difficult to decide whether they should take the SAT or the ACT. There are differences, and knowing which test best suits your individual strengths and weaknesses can lead to significant increases in score. Our free guide lists and explains the differences between the two tests and help make the decision a little easier.

High School Timeline (FREE) - One of the more challenging aspects of your high school career is knowing when you should be doing certain things. This free PDF walks you through a typical high school career, showing you what you should be doing each year in the classroom and in your sport to maximize your success

Social Media GUIDE (Coming Soon) - The landscape of college recruiting has changed dramatically in the last few years. Now, colleges discover high school recruits through the internet more than any other medium. If your social media is just okay, you may be passed over for similar players that are better at marketing themselves over the Internet. Our premium social media guide contains tips from college coaches and pro scouts, covering over 20 different aspects of social media and giving you a leg up in the competitive world of recruiting.

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