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PREP R&A offers a variety of services to high school student-athletes to help them excel in the classroom and qualify for admission.


Using a curriculum created specifically for high school athletes, we teach 2-hour SAT and ACT Prep classes. These classes use official test problems and focus on increasing familiarity with the test. Because learning is easier in familiar groups, the best results are achieved when student-athletes learn with their team.. To schedule a class at your school, click here.


Many studies have shown that learning in small groups can be more effective than individually. In fact, it is the stated belief of the Stanford University School of Education that learning in small groups is more beneficial than individual learning. We offer small group tutoring in a range of subjects by appointment. Groups range from 3-6 individuals and serve to reinforce concepts learned in class and prepare students for any relevant exams. For more information or to schedule a tutoring session, click here.

Subject Tutoring(K-12)

For students that prefer one-on-one tutoring, we offer 60-minute tutoring sessions in a variety of subjects. Whether you'd like to schedule a weekly meeting to work on several different subjects or a one-time session to prepare for a test, PREP can help non-athletes and athletes 1st-12th-grade stay afloat in school. To contact us about tutoring availability, click here.


We offer a variety of services related to preparing students for college. These range from courses on NCAA regulations to help with the college recruiting and application processes to high school course planning and even interview training. Need someone to read over your college essays? I have over four years of professional editing experience. Preparation for college begins as early as freshman year of high school, especially for athletes. To set up a free consultation, click here.

Essay Editing

Have an essay, paper, memo or some other piece of writing that needs to be checked for grammar and content? We offer quick, affordable essay revision and editing. With over four years of professional editing experience and a comprehensive understanding of MLA, APA, and even AP Style, we can quickly improve your writing for all types of assignments. Inquire for rates.

For a variety of reasons, it can sometimes be difficult to meet in person. PREP offers online tutoring and test prep at a slightly discounted rate over Skype, Face Time, or Google Hangout. Sessions can be scheduled as usual and material will be emailed ahead of the scheduled meeting time. Online tutoring can be helpful for students who live further away or have busy schedules.  Contact us via text or email to schedule a session.

Online Tutoring

We know that student-athletes are incredibly busy. We offer resource packets that can be reviewed on one's own time such as detailed recruiting calendar explanations, SAT & ACT Prep guides, and social media checklists. Visit our Resources page for more info

Recruiting Resources
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